Movement Monday /// Full Body Workout!

  Check out this simple, challenging, fun, effective workout that you can do at home, at the gym, or wherever you are! Minimal equipment needed + efficient on time! This workout will increase your:▪️strength▪️muscle endurance▪️stability▪️mobility▪️balance▪️coordination…and more! This is a full body workout with a focus on your:▪️glutes▪️hammies▪️trunk▪️shoulder girdle…and everything surrounding + supporting your hips, knees, […]

Tips on Achieving Adequate Daily Water Intake

daily water intake - drink more water - water bottle - hydrate

    This week I am sharing a few tips on how to ensure you are drinking enough water each day! Water is especially important for proper digestion, organ function, immune support, and flushing the body of unwanted toxins. +Endurance Electrolyte Drink : IF we are thirsty, we are already dehydrated. This is a great […]

Movement of the Week // Reverse Banded Straight Arm Pull in Hollow

hollow body core training - banded pull - bodyweight movement

This week I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on the reverse banded straight arm pull in hollow drill! This is an awesome movement to add into warm ups, great for shoulder pre-hab, a solid finisher, and a super effective way to build tons of shoulder + core strength, stability, and so much […]

Mindset Monday /// Daily Quiet Time

daily quiet time - meditation - yoga - mindfulness - mindset Monday - mental health

In between life’s amazing adventures of the day to day grind, getting in a sufficient amount of daily quiet time is especially important for our mental and emotional well being. Pro tip: Aim to get in at least 15-20+ minutes each day of some form of quiet time whether that is through meditation, reading, journaling, […]

Movement Monday /// Thoracic Mobility

side plank thoracic rotation - thoracic mobility - lateral core work -

  Thoracic mobility is important for many reasons, but especially for movements such as the muscle up and pull up as having adequate thoracic mobility allows for proper scapular movement and positioning. The scapula is responsible for stabilizing the shoulders. A lack of thoracic mobility can potentially lead to compensations in other areas of the […]

6 Tips to Achieve Optimal Wellness through Self-Improvement

fitness and wellness lifestyle - yoga - health - optimal wellness tips - wellness coach

  When it comes to achieving optimal wellness, self-improvement can be an essential part of the journey. Feeling good about how you look, being content with your job, and forming healthy relationships are just a few of the key elements that contribute to an overall sense of well-being. Here are some tips for improving your […]

Movement of the Week /// Development Training Drill for Press Handstand

  Today I am sharing one of my favorite training variations for developing the press handstand! This is something I call the Seat Sliding Press Drill. This movement is performed using the seat of the Concept2 rower and really is the only reason to ever actually use the rower. I have a few coaching cues […]

Thank you, Leito Lab!

Leito Lab - SEO - Online Income - Digital Marketing - influencer collaboration

BIG huge thank you to Joe Leitola with Leito Lab, who is working with me on my SEO, website optimization, and beyond! If you’re looking to improve your digital marketing, online presence, and more I highly recommend Leito Lab’s services!   Stay on track with my custom NZ NutritionFIT App! Get your FREE guide to […]

7 Tips to Eating your Way to a Stronger, Healthier, Happier Life!

  Clean, quality, whole food is beyond important for fueling your body and brain properly to get the most out of each day and training session, but also for the rest of your life. Steer clear of diets and lean more into feeding your body healthy whole foods that you enjoy and look forward to […]

Movement of the Week // The Hollow Body Wall Facing Slide Away + Walk

handstand progression drills - straddle press handstand

This week on the blog I am sharing one of my favorite drills and movements for building strength, stability, and balance in the handstand and beyond! This drill hits everything from your wrists to your shoulders to your trunk to your posterior chain, and so much more! It is also an awesome drill for developing […]