Movement Monday /// Full Body Workout!

Movement Monday /// Full Body Workout!

Check out this simple, challenging, fun, effective workout that you can do at home, at the gym, or wherever you are!

Minimal equipment needed + efficient on time!

This workout will increase your:
▪️muscle endurance
…and more!

This is a full body workout with a focus on your:
▪️shoulder girdle
…and everything surrounding + supporting your hips, knees, ankles, and feet!

Front foot elevated kettlebell reverse lunge with back foot on a glider 4 sets x 6-8/leg *building sets – RAN

THEN superset this 🔼 with one set of each as follows ⤵️

▶️ Set 1: x 30 seconds/side single leg glute bridge w/heel on glider
▶️ Set 2: x 60 seconds glute bridge double single alternating kb floor press
▶️ Set 3: x 60 seconds hollow hold + straight arm static hold with alternating straight leg raises
▶️ Set 4: x 60 seconds single leg alternating v-ups

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