Movement of the Week /// Progressions for the Pistol

Coaching tips: Set parallettes/boxes/benches shoulder width apart – about fingertip to shoulder distance apart so you can keep your eyes straight ahead without having to look down to grab the parallettes towards the bottom of your squat Keep your arms and hands at your sides and the parallettes will be set directly under that The […]

Gratitude #2 2022 /// Team NOCCO

Today, for my second gratitude post, I am grateful to be a Brand Ambassador for NOCCO USA and for all the super fun fitness community events, opportunities, and all the amazing, positive, fit, fun people they have brought into my life! Thank you to my NOCCO + Barebells #fitfam for being an amazing and positive part of my life + fitness journey! […]

Movement of the Week /// Training Variations of the Knee to Elbow

knee to elbow - bodyweight core work

Coaching tips: Keep your shoulder girdle and lats active by pulling shoulders down and away from your ears Press through your palms to activate your lats Hold a strong hollow body position Compress your ribs towards your hips Squeeze your glutes Tuck your tailbone Tuck your legs Point your feet Aim to get your knees […]

Gratitude #1 of 2022 /// NASM + Acro!

This past November 2021 I was excited to be invited to take on the Sisu Way Gratitude Challenge. I will be re-posting two of my gratitude posts each month to my blog throughout 2022! The challenge was to post on something and/or someone that I am grateful for!  For my first gratitude post  I am grateful for […]

Movement of the Week /// The Inverted Hollow Position

Today on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing one of my favorite mobility and strength drills for deveoping a solid trunk, BUT even more so for a solid and stable overhead position as well as increased range of motion throughout the shoulder and thoracic spine. I call this the inverted hollow position!Coaching tips: Aim […]