Gratitude #1 of 2022 /// NASM + Acro!

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This past November 2021 I was excited to be invited to take on the Sisu Way Gratitude Challenge.

I will be re-posting two of my gratitude posts each month to my blog throughout 2022! The challenge was to post on something and/or someone that I am grateful for! 🤍

For my first gratitude post ➡️ I am grateful for opportunities to shoot for amazing companies like NASM Fitness which have introduced me to many healthy, fit, talented, fun, smart, amazing friends in the fitness world!

I am grateful to have met Clinton at a NASM shoot, for his friendship, and for the invite to join him for some beach acro the day before this challenge began!

I am also grateful to have met some more awesome people while there AND for the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone a bit and the ability to do + learn new, fun things!

If you would like to join me in sharing some gratitude I shared the original post made via Scott McGee + Sisu Way. More details for y’all below… 

“Who is in for a Gratitude Challenge?

Our stories are unique, but the struggle is universal. It’s easy to miss out on what we already have because we are    focused on what we want, expect, or desire. In doing so we miss out on the power gratitude has over negative emotions and situations. Gratitude can literally change our lives for the better. Let’s be part of the solution and increase the amount of gratitude for a month!

November is Gratitude Month.✨
Ways to play:
➡️ Each day share a post or story about something or someone you are grateful for. Be creative. Tag your friends and your loved ones. This is a we thing.

Gratitude is not really a challenge, it’s a choice and a worthy pursuit. It’s my honor to be on this journey with you.
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