What’s Stopping You?

What’s Stopping You?

My question for you today is… “WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?”  

To figure this one out you must be brutally honest with yourself. Chances are that whatever is holding you back from reaching your goals and passionately pursuing your dreams is no doubt going to require from you an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, scary change. It may possibly mean that rather than constantly “KEEPING the peace” – [external] – in your current situation and relationships, choosing to take the bold risk of “MAKING peace” – [internal] – within yourself. Making peace within sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it? Well, guess what? Making peace within is guaranteed to invite external conflict, obstacles, and challenges… THIS is why you must commit to YOUR dreams and goals and stay true to YOU. You gotta be brave if you want those dreams of yours. Committing to your goals = taking action to MAKE peace within; committing to take care of your mind, body, and soul no matter what.

  1. Know your why. 
  2. Commit to your why.
  3. Take action.

Stay true to YOU and your wholehearted passion. What are you doing today to serve others through your passion while working toward your goals? Spend some time reflecting and ask yourself, “WHAT”S STOPPING ME?”

Be bold with your life!

Let’s all go out and LIVE bravely, passionately, gratefully, enthusiastically, strong, healthy, and happy lives today and everyday!

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