TrainHYLETE Movement Tip: Wall Ball – Reverse Lunge – Shoulder Carry

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Begin with your feet set between hip and shoulder distance apart. With your hips and shoulders squared straight ahead, place a wall ball high on top of one shoulder. While maintaining the width of your feet, take a long step back, aiming to evenly distribute your bodyweight across both legs before descending into the bottom of the lunge. Your back knee will touch at the bottom of the rep directly in line with your hip and shoulder. Your back heel will be off the ground and stacked over the ball of your foot. Your shin should remain vertical, with your knee stacked over your heel. Torso remains vertical throughout.
At the point that your knee touches the floor, drive upward through both legs returning your rear leg and foot back to your standing position, so that your body is back in vertical alignment.
Alternate between left and right legs, as well as, which shoulder you are holding the ball with. Make sure to keep it balanced.

Points of Performance (POPs):

  • Feet set between hip and shoulder distance
  • Hips and shoulders squared straight ahead
  • Eyes on the horizon
  • Wall ball placed high on top of your shoulder
  • Maintain the width of your feet when stepping back to begin lunge
  • Bodyweight should be evenly distributed across both feet
  • Back knee touches floor in the bottom of the lunge in vertical alignment with hip and shoulder
  • Front shin should be vertical
  • Knee stacks over your heel
  • Drive upward and evenly through both legs
  • Finish with your body back in full vertical alignment
  • Alternate from right to left legs and which shoulder is holding the ball

Trainer’s Tip:  Drive upward equally through both feet to push your body back to a standing position.  Your knees, hips, chest, shoulders and head should all face forward throughout the movement. Keep your chest up and shoulder blades pinned backwards and pulling toward each other.
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