Movement of the Week /// Training V-Ups from the Hollow Position

Movement of the Week /// Training V-Ups from the Hollow Position

Today on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing some tips on training v-ups from the hollow position! This movement is one of my favorites because of how simple, yet incredibly effective it is at building overall strength, body awareness, core control, balance, timing, and so much more!

Coaching tips:

  • In the bottom of your v-up keep your lumbar spine pressed firmly into the floor
  • Tuck your tailbone
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Engage and straighten your legs
  • Point your toes
  • Keep your heels above the floor
  • Aim to keep your upper back off the floor as high as possible
  • Compress your ribs towards your hips
  • Pull your belly button toward your spine
  • Lift your upper and lower half high off the floor together simultaneously
  • Balance for a second on top of your tailbone
  • Reach your hands upward to touch your feet
  • Return back to your hollow position in between each repetition

**Only add weight if the v-up is not challenging enough for you and you are able to maintain beautiful form.

Check out the full YouTube video HERE!

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