Movement of the Week /// The Toenail Muscle Up Drill via P360

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This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing one of my favorite drills for developing the strict muscle up, also known as the toenail muscle up drill! This is an effective drill not only for building strength, refining technique, and improving body awareness, but also a superb piece to add into your warm up prior to performing muscle ups in a workout, no matter skill or strength ability level.

Coaching tips:
  • Set the rings about chest height so the you are able to have your feet flat to the floor directly under the bar
  • Set the rings about shoulder width apart (fingertips to elbow distance)
  • From a seated position with the tops of your feet pressing into the floor sit your hips on your heels
  • Squeeze your heels together to create a strong ankle position to support your body weight
  • Focus eyes straight ahead
  • Get into your false grip by “karate chopping” the rings with the part of your arm where your wrist and palm meet
  • Wrap your entire hand around the ring forming as close to a 90′ angle of the wrist as possible
  • The meaty part of your hand should stay on top of the bottom center of the ring
  • Elbows and knuckles stay hugged in
  • Pul shoulders down and away from your ears
  • Compress ribs towards your hips
  • Pull the rings toward your sternum
  • Trace down and around your rib cage with your thumbs
  • Once in the bottom of your dip position you can press upward finishin at the top in a support position or you can modify by jumping to support or using a box or bench to step into a support position
  • Lower back down slow and controlled pausing at the bottom of your dip and the top of your pull up with the rings at your sternum
  • Hold your tight hollow all the way through
  • Use your feet and legs just as much as you need them
  • Keep the tempo slow and controlled
Chacek out the full YouTube video via P360 HERE!

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