Movement of the Week // The Sandbag Get Up

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This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing some coaching and training tips on the sandbag getup! This movement is awesome for building strength, stability, balance, coordination, and beyond throughout the trunk and entire body.


Set the sandbag over one of your shoulders

Begin on the floor in a supine position

Bend the leg on the same side of your body that you have the sandbag on
Place your free arm directly out to the side of your body
Push up to support on your elbow of your free arm
Next, push up through the palm of your free arm
With a straight arm drive up through your heel of your bent leg so that your hip is now in line with your heel and shoulder
Slide your extended leg through so that your knee is directly under your opposite shoulder
Sit up nice and tall bracing through your midline
Stand up maintaining proper alignment and core control
Once you have brought your entire body into vertical alignment reverse lunge back to the floor
Place the palm of your free arm to the floor
Slide your back leg through and set your hip to the floor
Moving slow and controlled lower to your elbow and then all the way back down so your back to your start position
Make sure to alternate or keep it balanced between each side on how many reps you complete on each side with the sandbag

Check out the YouTube demo video HERE!

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