Movement of the Week /// Ring Support Circles

Movement of the Week /// Ring Support Circles

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on ring support circles! This is a challenging and effective drill to add in, especially during your strength and skill sessions to work dynamic strength and stability while also set on a dynamic plane. Make sure you are first able to hold a solid support position on rings for 3-5 sets of 30 seconds before adding in any ring circles.

Coaching tips:
  • Focus on keeping your eyes on the horizon, chest up, and your body in a straight line
  • Rings should be set shoulder width apart and remain parallel to each other
  • Keep your shoulders pressed away from your ears with straight arms
  • Begin to form little circles with the rings, forward and then backward
  • Maintain a solid hollow bracing position with your body in a straight line and connected from head to toe throughout
  • To modify lower the rings and do floor assisted with tops of your feet pressed into the floor as needed

Check it all out HERE!

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