Movement of the Week /// The Hollow Body Inchworm

Movement of the Week /// The Hollow Body Inchworm

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing one of my favorite dynamic stretches that I love putting into my own warm ups as well as my clients before every training session known as the Hollow Body Inchworm! This movement hits pretty much everything to warm, prep, and mobilize your entire body for no matter what you have coming up in your training for that day.

Coaching tips:

  • Get set with your feet together as you do a forward fold
  • Bring your hands flat to the floor with fingers spread wide
  • Keep your arms straight and actively block away from the floor as you walk your hands out to a high plank position
  • Stack your shoulder over your elbow and wrist
  • Keep your shoulders and hips squared to the floor with as little shifting from side to side as possible
  • Press back into downward dog bringing your chest toward your thighs as you open your shoulders
  • Pedal out your feet
  • Walk your feet back up towards your hands

Check out the demo video HERE!

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