Movement of the Week // The Hinge Row

Movement of the Week // The Hinge Row

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on the hinge rowTraining the hinge row develops more scapular movement + scapular upward rotation as well as an increase in foundational strength and stability throughout the scapula as well as the entire shoulder girdle. These are great to add into warm ups, skill/strength work, conditioning, accessory work, finishers, etc.

Set rings shoulder width apart
Grip the center of the rings 
Wrap your thumbs
Lower yourself into the bottom of your start position for a ring row with straight arms and legs
Walk your feet back into a modified start position
Palms should be pronated (forward facing)
Pull rings so that you finish with your elbow and shoulder in line and parallel to the floor
Your fists and elbows should form a vertical line 
As you pull rotate your torso around your hip
Your lower half should not move at all – only from your hip and above 

Check out the YouTube video HERE!

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