Movement of the Week /// Training Drills for Developing Your Press to Handstand

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Today on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing some of my favorite training variations for developing straddle press to handstand!

One of my favorite drills is something I call the Seat Sliding Press Drill. This movement is performed using the seat of the Concept2 rower and really is the only reason to ever actually use the rower. 😉

I have a few coaching cues and tips below for you on this drill and more!

/// THE Seat Sliding Press Drill ///


~Maintain straight arms

~Stack your shoulder over your elbow and wrist

~Block away from the floor 

~Set your hips in line with your shoulders with your feet elevated and toenail down pressed into the rower seat

~Squeeze your heels

~Pull the seat forward while pressing through your palms and fingertips stacking your hips over your shoulders and wrists

~Lower back to your start position in your high plank slow and controlled

~Keep your legs engaged and straight

This movement can be added into your warm up, skill work, superset into a strength piece, or even added in as a conditioning piece!

Check out the full YouTube drill variation demo video HERE!

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