Movement of the Week // The Ring Muscle Up + Progressions

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Ring muscle up progressions – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fiBfp0_xLU&t=3s – 11/8


This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on strict muscle up progressions! These are effective for developing a ton of strength, stability, and mobility throughout the entire shoulder girdle, lats, grip, triceps, chest, upper back, trunk, and more!


Check out below for some coaching tips and cues on one of my favorite progressions known as the toenail ring muscle up drill!

Set the rings about chest height and shoulder width apart (fingertips to elbow distance)
From a seated position with the tops of your feet pressing into the floor sit your hips on your heels
Focus eyes straight ahead
Get into your false grip
The meaty part of your hand should stay on top of the bottom center of the ring
Elbows and knuckles stay hugged in
Pull shoulders down and away from your ears
Compress ribs towards your hips
Pull the rings toward your sternum
Trace down and around your rib cage with your thumbs
Once in the bottom of your dip position you can press upward finish in at the top in a support position or you can modify by jumping to support or using a box or bench to step into a support position
Lower back down slow and controlled pausing at the bottom of your dip and the top of your pull up with the rings at your sternum
Hold your tight hollow all the way through
Use your feet and legs just as much as you need them
Keep the tempo slow and controlled


Check out the YouTube video HERE!

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