Movement of the Week /// The Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)

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This week on the << BLOG >> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips for the rear foot elevated split squat (RFESS)!

These are awesome for developing tons of strength, stability, balance, mobility throughout the entire posterior chain, but more specifically, the glutes and hamstrings… and beyond!

Coaches notes:

Begin with your heels up against a box or a bench that is just below your knee

Place your heels against the box directly under your hips

Bring one foot so that your heel is touching your toe and take three heel toe steps out from there

Place your back foot onto the elevated surface, toenails down

Pull shoulders down and back

Keep your eyes focused straight ahead

Maintain the majority of your body weight over the heel of your front foot

Aim to lightly touch your knee to the floor

Keep your front foot glued to the floor

Drive up through the heel of your front leg

Focus on keeping hips and shoulders squared up

 Use boxes or PVC for support, as needed

Check out the YouTube demo video HERE!

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