Movement of the Week // The Bent Over Barbell Row

Movement of the Week // The Bent Over Barbell Row

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on the bent over barbell row! No matter your goals, level of upper body strength, or fitness level, training the bent over barbell row is another essential movement for building a balanced, healthy, and strong upper half as well as lat, back, and trunk strength… and beyond!


Set with your feet directly under your hips with the barbell directly over the knot in your shoelaces

Actively pull your shoulders down and away from your ears while hinging from your hips

Shift your body weight back into your heels

Grip the barbell about thumb distance outside your shins with an overhand grip

Your knees should be stacked directly over your heels so that your shins are in a vertical straight line

Pull the barbell in a straight, vertical line directly to your sternum

Keep elbows in and aiming for the ceiling

Lower the bar slow and controlled

Check out the full demo video HERE!

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