Movement of the Week /// The Barbell Deadlift

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This week on the blog I am sharing a bit on the conventional deadlift! The deadlift is one of the THE most foundational barbell movements of weightlifting. When we pick stuff up and put it back down really, really well we build and develop full body strength, stability, balance, body awareness, coordination, a bulletproof body, and much more!


Coaching tips:

  1. Set feet under your hips and directly under the barbell (the bar should be directly over the knot in your shoelace)
  2. Set shoulders down and back and trace thumbs down the side of your body
  3. Shift your weight into your heels and hinge at your hips as you reach to grab the barbell
  4. Stack your knees over your heels as much as possible maintaining a vertical shin
  5. Before breaking the bar off the ground make sure to get all the slack out of the bar while activating your lats by pulling the bar towards your shin
  6. The goal is to keep the bar traveling in a straight line while keeping it as close to the center of your body as possible
  7. As you stand aim to get your hip in line with your shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle with shoulders behind wrists at the top of the lift while bracing your midline throughout
  8. On the descent, aim to keep your lats active and weight in your heels to keep the bar moving in a vertical line close to the body back to the floor
  9. Your legs only begin to bend once the bar has reached your knee caps and even still your knees should stay directly over your heels without traveling too much further forward until the bar reaches the ground

Check it out on my YouTube channel HERE!


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