Movement Monday /// Thoracic Mobility

Movement Monday /// Thoracic Mobility

Thoracic mobility is important for many reasons, but especially for movements such as the muscle up and pull up as having adequate thoracic mobility allows for proper scapular movement and positioning. The scapula is responsible for stabilizing the shoulders. A lack of thoracic mobility can potentially lead to compensations in other areas of the body.

With adequate thoracic mobility, the scaps have the ability to move freely, allowing for proper shoulder stabilization and efficient muscle recruitment during the pull up. This has the ability to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, as well as increase strength, and overall quality of life.

These are two of my favorite thoracic rotations! I love adding into my own training as well as my clients’.

1️⃣ Side plank with thoracic rotation:

This is a variation of thoracic rotation combined with a side plank with a focus on the shoulders, obliques and thoracic spine.

2️⃣ Table top thoracic rotation with reach through:

This is a variation of thoracic rotation that works the thoracic spine, shoulders, core/trunk, and more.

Add these into your warm ups, superset into your strength/skill work, and/or include in your cooldowns.

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