More Than What You See…

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When I was growing up I was so super inspired by the super strong and fit ladies who I would watch competing on ESPN for Fitness America, such as the amazing Dena Weiner, who continues to inspire me today by living life boldly and passionately into her 50’s. Those strong, amazing, beautiful ladies, from the inside out, inspired me to never give up on passionately pursuing my own goals in life no matter the setbacks and helping others to live their strongest, healthiest, happiest lives possible. I never wanted be someone who just stopped living a passionately active and inspiring life just because I grew older, but desired just the opposite. Watching those amazing ladies pushed me to strive to be the best I possibly can be… at any age. 

This photo is more than what you see. This shoot was something that I was so excited about, but totally nervous to do and something that I am still proud of as it represents to me what stepping out of my own comfort zone and living a life beyond what society says women and moms are supposed to be doing into their 30’s and beyond, despite all the obstacles and challenges life throws at us along the way. I absolutely cannot stand the thought of being limited by society’s expectations and labels. This photo represents to me inner strength, inner beauty, courage, confidence, hope, and freedom. Life is far from perfect and so are we, but that is what makes it an amazingly beautiful adventure! I am proud and so grateful to be a strong, healthy, happy mom in my 30’s! Thankful for all the strong ladies in my life who have inspired me to just keep pushing to be more and to never settle.

NEVER allow someone else’s judgement or close minded idea of you cause you to lose focus on your very unique, specific purpose in this life. YOU are not bound to a label that someone else decided to give you. YOU are who you choose to be. Always keep your mind and heart open to new possibilities, continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to take risks, and continue to push forward even if you have to crawl with all your might. 

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