Gain Strength… Lose Weight.

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For too long I have allowed stubborn, extra weight to hold me back. I. Am. Done. I am done holding onto what has weighed me down while allowing it to eat away at any little strength gains I continue to work so hard for. 

Coaching and helping others through health and fitness is my ultimate passion and why I know I was created. Serving others passionately through coaching requires self sacrifice and selflessness, but not at the expense of my own health and wellbeing. I must be strong and healthy if I hope to help others live strong and healthy lives which requires maintaining a balance between it all. I strive to live a strong, healthy, happy, and balanced life. It is a skill in itself and will always be a work in progress as life rarely goes as planned, but the pursuit of living a balanced life should never be neglected if we wish to live our strongest, healthiest, happiest lives possible. 

Living our strongest, healthiest, happiest life begins with taking responsibility for our life and realizing that we choose what we allow in our life. It may also involve us making a super tough choice to make a massive change to the life we live. We must be willing to face the truth of where we are at in our current situation. We must remove ourselves from the toxic environment or relationships we put ourselves in. We must own our choices and choose to be the victor in our lives rather than remaining the victim. We have to be willing to fight like hell and never stop pushing forward. We have to be willing to feel… the fear, the pain, the heartbreak and yet still continue to push forward. Through the suck and that relentless fight we discover an inner strength we never knew we had as we begin to gain a whole new inner strength. That extra weight we were holding onto so dearly soon begins to magically melt away as the fire deep within us burns brighter than ever before. The key is believing there is always a way out no matter how hopeless or impossible it may seem.

Never let fear make you a slave. 

Let go of all that is weighing you down, push forward, and watch yourself make some serious strength gains in the process. 

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