From the Vault /// Valencell at CES 2020 Las Vegas

From the Vault /// Valencell at CES 2020 Las Vegas

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a little bit via Zennie 62 Media on YouTube from last year’s CES and my fourth year working with health and fitness technology company, Valencell, in Las Vegas. Valencell is the company that creates the biometric sensor technology that is found in most wearable products on the market.

I absolutely love our team made up of some super awesome, strong, beautiful, and talented ladies that I have the honor of working with and also calling friends. These ladies share in my love and passion for health and fitness and I am grateful to know each one of them along with the awesome company we get to work with, Valencell! Such an all around classy and fun crew.

You can check out the full video HERE!

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