Movement of the Week /// The Inverted Hollow/ Wall Walk with Progressions

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This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing a few coaching and training tips on one of my favorite body weight movements to include in my own as well as my clients’ warm ups, the Inverted Hollow/ Wall Facing Handstand (level 1/2/3)!

Inverted Hollow/ Wall Walk (progressions):

  • L1 

  • L2 

  • L3 


  • Start from hollow high plank with balls of feet to the wall
  • Walk only feet up the wall first just as high as comfort allows
  • Actively press away from the floor
  • Spread fingers spread wide
  • Block through shoulders/scaps
  • Block through the shoulders 
  • Press through your palms to activate the lats
  • Aim to find your hollow and connection from head to toe
  • Walk your hands almost all the way to the wall 
  • Only allow your nose and toes to make contact with the wall 

**Practice developing body awareness by pulling into your hollow position. Keep an open hip, vertical alignment, and connection from head to toe. For more challenge try doing this with your chin tucked while looking up toward the ceiling and creating a visual of your feet.

**Modify by only either walking your feet up while keeping your hands glued to the floor (L1) practicing maintaining a tight core and stable shoulder and overhead position -or- walk your hands a step or two or three to where you are still able to hold proper form (L2).**

Check out the full video on YouTube HERE!

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