Best Tips on How to Change Up Your Look (and your life) for the Better ///

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When it comes to feeling and looking great, sometimes it’s not always possible, depending on the day. Furthermore, during tough times, we are not always enthusiastic about prioritizing self-care. So, if you’re experiencing one of THOSE days, here are some helpful tips from fitness trainer Nicole Zapoli and Amanda Henderson to look and feel better about yourself despite the challenges you may be facing. 

Prioritize your self-care

When you’re especially busy, or you’re feeling overwhelmed, self-care can seem like something that’s meant for others and not you. However, it’s vital to remember that taking time out for oneself is a necessity in this day and age where everything seems to be so rushed all the time. So, whether it’s taking one day a week off to do something that puts a permanent smile on your face, then that’s what you should allow yourself to do to help put the pep back in your step.  

One way to get that smile is by feeling confident about how you look. This includes taking care of your skin with a skincare routine, doing up your hair, and the clothes you wear. For starters, look for some clothes that leave you feeling fantastic, comfortable everyday clothes that are stylish as well. For instance, some new loungewear like a T-shirt, robe, or pair of leggings can help you feel wonderful whether you’re relaxing or trying to keep up with the kids at home.

Don’t put off exercise

As much as there is a mental component to looking and feeling better about yourself, there is also a physical component that matters just as much. So, if you’ve been putting it off for another day, set aside time in your hectic schedule to do some exercise, as your body and mind need this to function at their best, as noted by Smithsonian Magazine. However, if you find it a challenge even to get started, remember that just twenty minutes of exercise a day can do the world of good for you. 

Eat a better diet

OriGym points out that eating a better, more balanced diet is sure to complement your exercise regime and vice versa. Because you can’t expect to get a slimmer or more toned physique if your diet consists mainly of junk food. Furthermore, you can’t expect to have the energy you need for a strenuous workout if you haven’t been consuming nutrient-rich meals. Again, if you struggle to stick to a balanced diet, there is lots of help nowadays to help you eat better, such as a healthy eating app that can help you shed unwanted pounds too.

Change jobs if you have to

Changing jobs may seem like a risky step to take. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as it looks if your current job makes you more unhappy than anything else. Furthermore, there are just so many ways you can upskill online that your ideal job could be yours for the taking. 

For example, perhaps you’ve always wanted to study what the criminal justice system is all about, but you never thought it would be accessible to you. You can indeed enroll in an online degree to study criminal justice, which you could then use to help you get a career in public administration, corrections, and even in the court systems. Plus, learning online gives you more flexibility if you have other commitments you have to prioritize. Just be sure to find out beforehand that your chosen institution is, in fact, accredited and that it offers the most competitive tuition rates.

In summary, feeling and looking the best you’ve ever felt will probably take some serious commitment to get you where you need to be. However, once you get into the swing of things, it’s sure to feel more manageable and easier as you advance toward the finish line.

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