At Home // Full Body Strength & Conditioning Workout

At Home // Full Body Strength & Conditioning Workout

[Follow this link for the full follow along video on my YouTube or you can also go check it out at @risebar on Instagram.]

This is a full body workout with an emphasis on upper body + trunk strength and stability work. This workout can be performed anywhere with or without the equipment listed below as these items are great to have for this workout, but not necessary to participate.

I give modifications for each movement based on ability level and equipment access. Focus is on proper form, posture, technique as top priority and then intensity can be increased as long as good control throughout each movement is maintained. 


Set of dumbbells 


Yoga mat

Wall and floor space

Stable chair, box, bench of some sort



WARM U P ///

1 set:

Burpees x 60 sec

Walk Walks x 5

Scap Push Ups x 10

Reverse Snow Angels x 15

Wrist/Ankle MOB + Dynamic Stretch x 5 min

STRE N G T H ///

A) 12 min EMOM

Min 1 – Pike Shoulder Taps x 45 sec ; 15 sec rest

Min 2 – Hollow Body Banded Lat Pull Down x 45 sec ; 15 sec rest

Min 3 – Seated Straddle/Pike Straight Leg Pulse x 30 sec/leg ; no rest


B) 5 RFT:

10 DB Front Squats

10 DB SA OH Reverse Lunge

10 DB Renegade Rows

10 Push Up + Mountain Climber Twists (1:2)


COOL D O W N //// Yoga Flow x 5 min

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