Are you getting in your daily SUNSHINE? 

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/// Are you getting in your daily SUNSHINE? ⤵️

☀️Getting in at least 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight on exposed skin each day is especially important as the sun provides a nutrient that our bodies do not make on their own.

☀️That vitamin would be known as vitamin D. It is needed for many reasons, but one being, it helps to regulate mood, ward off depression, and lessen anxiety.

☀️Sunshine mixed with a good night sleepc, delicious whole foods, lots of water, intense bursts of fitness followed up with active recovery sessions, rest days, and quiet time will all yield so much more in return than what you invest. This is about creating your highest quality of life in the most simple of ways. This is not about a diet plan or applying the latest quick fix tips. This is a lifestyle that you work on, build, and create for yourself every day for all the years of your life. Health is wealth.

Live strong. Live healthy. Live happy.

🤍 Nicole


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