6 Benefits of Consistent Infrared Sauna Use

6 Benefits of Consistent Infrared Sauna Use

Fun little active recovery beach wod this week followed up by a super refreshing little hop in the ocean thennn some saunaaa time = 😁🙌🏼 ▶️ 4 RFT: 200m run 20 walking lunges 200m run 20 broad jumps I am super excited to be teaming up with Healthmate Sauna! I have been absolutely loving 🥰 adding this into my daily health and fitness routine.

/// Benefits of consistent infrared sauna use: ▶️ Helps to improve overall quality of sleep ▶️ Helps to speed recovery time between training sessions ▶️ Helps to detoxify the body ▶️ Promotes better circulation ▶️ Promotes deeper relaxation and aids in stress relief ▶️ Promotes clearer, tighter skin Click HERE to enter to WIN your very own Healthmate aroma stone foot sauna ($299)!
Click HERE to register to join me on a LIVE ZOOM CALL next Thursday 6/4/20 at 4pm pst/ with the Healthmate Sauna team! Attendees will also be entered into a drawing to win an aroma stone foot sauna!

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