TrainHYLETE Movement Tip: Wall Ball – Reverse Lunge – Shoulder Carry

By Nicole Zapoli, HYLETE in-house certified trainer Begin with your feet set between hip and shoulder distance apart. With your hips and shoulders squared straight ahead, place a wall ball high on top of one shoulder. While maintaining the width of your feet, take a long step back, aiming to evenly distribute your bodyweight across both legs before […]

From the VAULT /// <> Training the Inverted Hollow Position <>

This week on the blog we are taking a look at what I call the inverted hollow position. The inverted hollow position is a super effective piece to add into your warm up/dynamic stretch, skill/strength, and even accessory work to prep, mobilize, stabilize, and strengthen your entire shoulder girdle/scaps/thoracic spine. If you have goals of […]

From the VAULT /// <> Training the Hollow Body Position <>

This week on the blog we are taking a look at the intro to coaching and teaching the hollow body position. In the hollow body position, focus on compressing your ribs toward your hips, pulling your bell button toward your spine, squeezing your glutes, tucking your tailbone, engaging and fully straightening your legs while also […]

Love always wins.

The words and thoughts that you allow into your life are words and thoughts that you are giving power to in your life. Choose them wisely..The way you view and speak of the world and those around you is often a reflection of how you view yourself, not always, but often. Choose how you view […]

Interview with Health & Fitness Technology Company, Atlas Wearables

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Atlas Wearables, a health and fitness technology company, who partners with another health and fitness company, Valencell, that I have had the honor of working with for the past 5 years at CES. Valencell creates the biometric sensor technology that companies like Atlas use in their […]