Changing anything is unpleasant, painful, and biologically difficult to do. Science teaches us that it takes roughly 12 weeks of continuous alternative physical and psychological modifications to develop new lifestyle habits.
Why is this so? The neurophysiology of our own brains! The 3 pound mass between your ears is the host of where change begins and change ends. All of our habits are learned and recorded on an organic hard drive that we provide information to all of the time. Our brains take its lead from our senses and perceptions of life based on past experiences. That’s both good and bad news. The good news is that we can absolutely transform our brains!
How does a person manage themselves to take on this task of “healthy” transformation? As scientifically trained and based coaches, we follow the laws of science 🔬 in working to help each person elicit self-transformation. The first law is that people learn and transform the quickest when they have a partner to help coach them through their journey. With our program we become your personal coach, wingperson, and partner dedicated entirely to assisting you on your journey to a stronger, healthier, happier life!
Our 3-month Lifestyle Overhaul Program is based entirely on the combination of evidence based scientific methods designed to transform lives through positive brain change allowing for improved management of associated anxiety. When sophisticated neuroscience is at the stage where we can document how transformation occurs based on the biological basis of how our brains work, proven facts are provided that real changes in our life are brought about by real changes in our brain!
Combining the fruits of proven studies in the areas of neurology, psychology, learning, developmental theories, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and other sciences, we have developed a comprehensive life re-organization program based on science. Our clients make the changes they choose to make.
This is your journey to transform your life! We are in this with you to the finish line and beyond. Science teaches us that we learn best when in the presence of another. “We” is more effective than “Me”.
As mindfully based coach practitioners, we coach you to embrace what you want in each and every aspect of your life: physical, emotional, interpersonal, social, occupational, spiritual, educational, financial, family, etc.
We are always open to the needs of our clients and can easily add other areas of focus with clear goals designed by Dr. Keith Kanner and his team of multi certified developmental and performance coach practitioners.
With over two decades of practicing clinical psychology and psychoanalysis before transitioning to full time performance coaching, Dr. Kanner works with his team of licensed, certified, and seasoned health professionals on assisting clients toward modifying behaviours and attitudes for optimal success in all parts of life.
Also with over two decades of coaching experience Nicole Zapoli holds multiple coach, trainer, and specialty certifications under NASM, CrossFit, OPEX, The Cooper Institute, Movement RX Physical Therapy, and more.
All interventions, including the principles of our 3-month Lifestyle Overhaul Program, are based on the sciences of learning, developmental, and neurobiological theories. Two-year follow up evaluations with former clients have demonstrated over a 98% continued life improvement quota.