Movement of the Week // The Inverted Burpee

Movement of the Week // The Inverted Burpee

This week I am sharing one of my favorite movements known as the inverted burpee! The inverted burpee is a combination of the candlestick + the donkey kick -or- kick to handstand. Besides it being super fun, this movement is awesome for building strength, stability, and balance in the handstand and beyond! The inverted burpee works everything from your wrists to your shoulders to your trunk to your posterior chain, and so much more!

Coaching tips:

  • Begin with your feet together in a standing position 
  • Hold your arms straight up and hug your ears with your arms
  • Keep your feet flat to the floor 
  • Squat your hips toward your heels 
  • Keep your knees together
  • In the bottom of your squat bring your hips to the floor 
  • Tuck your chin in toward your chest
  • Keep your body in a tight tuck as you roll to your upper back
  • Extend your legs straight up
  • Open your hips
  • Point your toes
  • Tuck your knees back into your chest 
  • Roll back into the bottom of your knee together squat
  • Set your hands a few inches in front of your feet
  • Palms flat to the floor
  • Fingers spread wide
  • Arms straight
  • Shoulders actively blocking away from the floor as you shift your weight from your feet to your hands
  • Jump both feet off the floor as high as you feel comfortable eventually aiming to reach a tuck handstand with your hips stacked directly over your shoulders, elbows, and wrists
  • For more challenge try kicking off one leg from the floor into a straight legged handstand

Check out the YouTube demo video HERE!

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