From the VAULT /// Training the Hollow Body Position

From the VAULT /// Training the Hollow Body Position

This week on the blog we are taking a look at the fundamental importance of training the hollow body position. This position is the foundation of building a strong, healthy, happy body! The hollow position not only helps develop body awareness, core control, strength through stability, muscle endurance throughout the anterior chain, and more, but also helps to keep our back and posterior chain protected, strong, healthy, and happy as well! Check out some technique tips for achieving the greatest benefits through adding the hollow into your your weekly training!

Training tips:

  • Compress your ribs toward your hips
  • Pull your bell button toward your spine
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Tuck your tailbone
  • Engage and fully straighten your legs
  • Squeeze your heels together
  • Point your toes to engage your legs even more creating more tension throughout your entire body
  • Aim to keep your entire upper back as high off the floor as possible
  • Keep your lumbar spine pressed firmly into the floor

Always remember, the tighter you are the lighter you will feel!

The first step is to begin with your feet flat to the floor set at about hip distance apart. From here, to add more challenge, lift your feet off the floor while maintaining a tight tuck. Keep your positioning through your torso still. To add even more challenge to this try extending one leg out straight, then switch. To add even more challenge from here straighten both legs out while also still maintaining firm contact with your lumbar spine to the floor.

If you begin to feel your low back lift off the floor at all go back to the step before until you are able to hold that position properly for the specified time within your programming.

To add even more challenge to this position add weight on the ankles and/or overhead by holding a plate, a medball, dumbbells, etc.

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