Movement of the Week /// Training Drill for the Pistol

Movement of the Week /// Training Drill for the Pistol

This week on the <<>> BLOG <<>> I am sharing some coaching and training tips + all my favorite progressions for the pistol! This movement is awesome for building strength, stability, balance, mobility, and beyond, throughout the ankle, achilles, feet, calves, hips, glutes, hamstrings, and beyond!


~ Set parallettes/boxes/benches shoulder width apart – about fingertip to shoulder distance apart so you can keep your eyes straight ahead without having to look down to grab the parallettes towards the bottom of your squat

~ Keep your arms and hands at your sides and the parallettes will be set directly under that

~ The lower the surface the more challenging

To modify: 

~ Use a set of parallettes to squat to while keeping your entire foot flat to the floor with your knee tracking your toes

~ You can also squat to a box or bench, if needed

~ Many more ways to scale, but these are some of my favorites and very simple ways to do so

Check out the YouTube demo video HERE!

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